Doctoral Degree

Doctor of Business Administration

Outstanding Academics essential business experience

The DBA and PhD are both doctoral level research degrees and both entitle the holder to use the title ‘Dr’; however, they are designed for different purposes.  

A PhD is an academic research degree where the focus is a contribution to scholastic knowledge. A PhD has traditionally been the de facto qualification for those wishing to move into academia and become a professional researcher. 

A DBA is a professional research degree where the focus is a contribution to the profession or practice overall. The DBA is designed to support professionals who wish to develop the skills needed to deliver unique solutions, based on an accurate, un-biased analysis of the situation.





The programme will be of particular benefit to experienced senior executives, consultants, management educators and business school academics. It will enhance one’s professional capability and credibility, develop networks, and provide a firm foundation for further career development or a major career move.

Designed to help students use research methods to define, implement and evaluate potential solutions for very real business issues.

Attracting high-calibre students from across the globe, the DBA builds on the learning gathered in our MBA and MSc courses to create a research-based programme of original thought and novel ideas. Studied by distance learning, students will have the full support of a dedicated EBU supervisor.

  • Management Analyst
  • C-Level Executive
  • Professor
  • Market Research Analyst

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