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EBU Governance

Board of Trustees and Board of Directors

EBU Board of Trustees

1. Nina Rung Hoch
2. Manal Negmeldin
3. Dr. Hossein Nabilou
4. Dr. Mihaela Jucan
5. Kirti Joshi

EBU Board of Directors

1. Dr. Samir Mousalli
2. Dr. James Mulli
3. Alexis Hague
4. Isabel Bellon 
5. Dr. Helene Meadows

Meet a Member of the Board of Trustees

Nina Rung Hoch

EBU Member of the Board of Trustees

Nina Rung Hoch is a well-known expert in the field of online education and educational technology and is also a co-founder to TEL-A.

Nina graduated from Harvard Business School with an MBA with an emphasis on strategy. Nina studied under world-renowned strategy expert Michael Porter, and thereafter was hired to work with his firm. Prior to matriculating to HBS Nina graduated with honors from The Royal Danish Military Academy, Denmark.

Her work experience includes senior positions with international corporations and roles in academic leadership. Nina Rung Hoch has held positions in international business development with Citigroup, Zurich Financial Services, and City University of Seattle. While in a leadership role at City University, USA, she designed and launched of of the first truly global accredited 100% online MBA programmes in 2005. The program continues to this day and serves students from more than 25 countries.

Nina has travelled extensively, and has been a board advisor to many Ed-tech start-ups in the US and EU over the past decade. She is considered an industry Ed-tech expert and is a frequent speaker at academic and business conferences.