Graduate Program

Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence

Outstanding Academics Essential Knowledge in Artificial Intelligence

Skilled professionals in the Artificial Intelligence sector of industry 4.0 are highly sought-after individuals.  Their ability to decipher the ever-growing complexity in the world of machine learning is a quality that is not only more demanded but also additionally rewarded in equal measure.

Our students are well prepared for both employment and academic research. The emphasis is on practical techniques for the design and construction of intelligent systems, preparing graduates to work in a variety of specialisms, from fraud detection software to recommendation systems and assistive robots.


Healthcare and medicine

Retail and e-commerce

Marketing and Data analytics

The Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence is a one-year degree program specifically designed to prepare graduates as the next generation of leaders in industry 4.0.

The aim of the Master of Science in Artificial intelligence is to ensure that students are able to effectively engage in an increasingly globalised, diverse and multifaceted world having acquired the requisite skills. Students will, at the end of the program, be able to confidently engage as:

  • Surgical Technicians
  • Algorithm Specialists
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Military and Aviation Engineers

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