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Universities have a distinctive role to play in illuminating, negotiating, and harnessing the power of the global networks that increasingly frame academia. In this light, EBU has developed a set of core international partnerships that advance its Online Campus. These partnerships model the kind of international collaboration that enhances academic growth and dynamism.

Imagine a University where professors from all over the world come and lecture. Where students from all corners of the earth meet, learn and interact with each other. And where upon completion of the program, students create a global network of acquaintances. With EBU the platform we share enables this interaction. The students are able to cast a wider net for networking within a vibrant and multicultural community comprised of students and professionals from all over the world.

This international environment enables students to understand and appreciate other perspectives, ideas and cultural norms, thereby facilitating successful integration into a global business world. The International Faculty that EBU coordinates is dedicated, competent and comprised of thought leaders and researchers whose expertise and passion for innovation create a unique learning environment.


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EBU Luxembourg ASBL

(Non-profit Association)

Château de Wiltz
L-9516 Wiltz
G.D. of Luxembourg

Tel. +352 26 95 32 29



Mon, Wed & Fri 10:00A.M. – 4:00P.M.

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EBU Education Partners

EBU Education Partner - The International Graduate Center is an interdisciplinary academic unit of Hochschule Bremen which offers management programs for continuing education on graduate level.

IGC Bremen

IGC Bremen Website
The Girl Effect uses the power of media and tech to unlock the power of girls #thegirleffect

The Girl Effect

The Girl Effect Website
Empowering women in rural and marginalized communities with easily accessible healthcare information and education.

Hanai Europe

Hanai Website
Founded in 2015 by Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood, IOHK is one of the world's pre-eminent blockchain infrastructure research and engineering companies. We are a fully decentralised remote working organisation committed to the highest principles of academic rigour and evidence-based software development. The company builds high-assurance blockchain infrastructure solutions for public, private sector and government clients. It is also the driving force behind the decentralised and smart contract platform, Cardano.


IOHK Website
Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI)

Women in Business KNCCI

KNCCI Website
"Building communities starts with building youth" Vizazi believes stabilization of youth builds an effect on stability of communities and society; through the training programs, youth become their own critical thinkers and change makers.

Vizazi Foundation

Vizazi Website
The Coalition on Media and Education for Development Africa Forum (CAFOR)


CAFOR Website
The Riara University was born out of a sincere desire to provide a holistic approach in higher education.

RIARA University

RIARA University Website
Providing specialized training for people interested in Project Management. Also for those seeking to improve their professional skills.

De Ceuster Academy

De Ceuster Website
CodersTrust believe in affordable education for all, with a focus on the Global South. CT provide digital skill courses that enable individuals to join the global online workforce.


CodersTrust Website
Higher Education for International Hotel & Tourism Management at Undergraduate (Bachelor) & Postgraduate (Master) levels

BBI Luxembourg

BBI Website
AiiSocial - A Social that pays for engagement built upon a data marketplace foundation. Where relevant, dynamic and real-time consumer data transforms into a tradable asset.


AIISMA Website
We believe in nurturing the academic, intellectual, and character development of promising Somali boys and girls, so they can effectively and ethically advance their society as the leader of tomorrow.

Abaarso School

Abaarso School Website
Community Advocacy and Awareness (CRAWN) Trust is a change catalyst providing African women and girls with the tools, voice and platforms in which they can effect change at individual, family, community within local, regional, national, continental levels in economic, social and political spheres.

Crawn Trust

Crawn Trust Website
Vuma Globewomen Network (VGWN) is dedicated to advancing the status of women in Africa through empowerment. It was established with the objective to address major gaps i.e. poverty, gender equality and barriers that obstruct women from realizing positions of leadership and influence to take on such roles. VGWN offers table banking, training and networking opportunities to enable women build themselves sustainable livelihoods. We value innovation and inclusion, and are committed to nurturing partnerships which identify with our vision and mission.

Vuma Globewomen Network

VGWN Website
Centre for Economic Empowerment & Development (CEED) is a not-for-profit organization that offers individuals in the community an opportunity to engage in economic activities, acquire educational & vocational knowledge and develop skills essential for personal development. CEED’s focus is on equipping men and women to be financially sound, viable, and productive whilst simultaneously grow and develop holistically in their own chosen individual space.

Centre for Economic Empowerment & Development

The Organization for Poverty Alleviation & Development (OPAD) is an international not-for-profit non-governmental organization. OPAD actively works toward poverty eradication and alleviation by promoting human rights, climate change, and sustainable development. OPAD cares for the poor and vulnerable women and children as our heart beats everyday for them on how best they can be alleviated from their current state of life.

The Organization for Poverty Alleviation & Development (OPAD)

OPAD Website
At EY, we are committed to create social value for our people, our customers and our communities to fulfill our purpose of building a better working world. We aim to positively impact people’s lives by supporting the next generation workforce and impact entrepreneurs. Therefore, the EBU’s scholarship program is the perfect opportunity for EY Colombia to shape young minds and contribute to the improvement of quality education in Latin America.

Ernst & Young (EY) Colombia

EY Colombia Website

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