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Dr. Frank Billingsley, PhD



Hello Everyone,

I am Frank Billingsley, and I am from Ohio in a small rural area with much fresh air and forests. I like to think that I am semi-retired, but I am still involved in far too many actives to state that clearly.  My passion is traveling, community, conservation, veganism/vegetarianism, and my adorable pets! I have traveled to 4O of our beautiful states and over 27 countries and regions. 

My career started not in education but the human condition — my bachelor’s degree is in Psychology from Ohio Dominican University.  After graduation, I became a social worker for the child welfare system and worked with abused and neglected children. I did this for nearly ten years, and I worked in a couple of mental health centers along the way.  After completing a master’s in Human Ecology and the second one in Management from Boston University, I went straight into my Ph.D. work in Public Policy: Leadership and Administration from Walden University. Here is where I stubble into education!  After, I spent most of my career with Boston University, I worked as a head of school for an international school for around 5-years, and slowly have transitioned into teaching Online. I have been teaching online for nearly six years and teach research methods, marketing,  higher education law, and higher education and human systems. I join EBU in December 2019.

I have been actively presenting at conferences and conducting independent research. My current research is evaluating gender issues in higher education in Belgium.




  • The Paris Communique 2018: The Future to the Bologna Process. (2019). Journal EURASIA Higher Education Summit.
  • The Leadership-Follower Relationship: Correlation of Free Will. (2017). International Journal of Business Management and Leadership, 8 (1), pp. 1-10.
  • An Appalachian Tale: Surviving Bullying. (2015). Harvard Square Edition, New York, NY.
  • Human Resource Management: An International Perspective. Published. (2013). VDM Publishing House Ltd., Saarbrücken, Germany.


Public Speaking and Presentations

  • Higher Education Summate, Brussels, Belgium, September 2019
    • Topic: Higher Education and Gender (2019).
  • Panel Speaker: EURASIA Higher Education Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, February 2019.
    • Topic:  The Paris Communique 2018: The Future to the Bologna Process. (2019).
  • Panel Speaker: NAFSA, Los Angeles, CA, USA, May 31, 2017.
    • Topic: How to be Prepared for Crisis Situations Involving Staff on Recruitment Travel.
  • Panel Speaker: Fulbright Conference, Brussels, Belgium, March 16, 2016.
    • Topic: Student Safety in Crisis Situations
  • Guest Lecturer: Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, April 2012.
    • Topic: Deconstructing Leadership
  • Facilitator: Lugano Leadership Academy, Lugano, Switzerland, July 2011.
    • Topic: Understanding Group and Team Dynamics
  • Erasmus Exchange Professor: Vilnius University, Lithuania, March 2011.
    • Topic: Human Resources and Organizational Communication